Winger Directory Submitter :

Winger directory submitter box.

Our directory submission software is designed to give you best results for your back link building campaign. As building backlinks to your website is the best way to Increase your Page Rank and Search Rankings.

With least efforts you will be having free directory links pointing at your website that too with variations of titles and descriptions.
But taking benefit of such directory links is not easy and so much time consuming for a webmaster or search engine optimizer. It takes weeks to manually submit your site to directories. The biggest concerns of webmasters is to compiling a quality directory list. As often some directories are bad and should be avoided to be submitting to. Winger directory submitter addresse all such issues and packed with intelligent features to automate various monotonus tasks and comes with high quality free directory lists.

Features :

1500+ Free directories. Best category recommendation algorithm.
Auto Directory submissions. Semi Auto tabbed browser submissions.
Auto Captcha plugins integrated. Supports Custom directory lists.
Supports multiple Titles and Descriptions. Generates detailed reports.

Benefits :

Improve your website's Google Page Rank.
Get backlinks with rich keyword in anchor texts.
Improve search rankings in various search engines Google,Yahoo and Bing.
Overall targeted traffic to your site will increase.
You will save days of manual work with Winger directory submitter.
We refresh our directory lists weekly, no more offline or broken directories.
All these features at very minimal costs. Save $100's of dollars on outsourced services.

Category Recommendations :-

When you start submitting manually, you have to select appropriate category for your website. And you have to do this for thousands of directories by scrolling for miles. Most of the times directory owners decline the inclusion request for bad category selection.

Our Intelligent category recommendation algorithm can be trained in minutes, which is 95% accurate in recommending the correct category for your website. You just have to watch your website getting submitted to directories with correct category.
Directory Category Suggestions
Directory Category Suggestions

Auto Directory Submissions :-

More than 1000+ directories supports auto submissions in our directory list. Update your project with submission details. Configure category suggestions algorithm. Start auto submissions and observe your website getting submitted. You will only need to fill Captcha text if auto captcha is not enabled.
Auto directory submission screenshot

Semi-Auto Directory Submissions :-

Not all directories in our list supports auto submissions. Some directories needs to be submitted in semi-auto mode. You can simultaneously browse number of directories in built in browser.

Forms will be auto filled for you. Just select category and click submit.
Semi auto submissions screenshot

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